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If you are...

Listen Up!

Because I have something important to share with you.  I am about to reveal to you how to position yourself to get a cut of the 209.49 billon dollars up for grabs.

What do I mean by that?

In 2021, Google generated over 209.49 billion dollars in advertising revenue.

What does that mean?

This means businesses all over the world gave Google a whopping 209.49 billion dollars as payment for advertising their products and services on the Google Ads platform.

And this money was shared between Google and bloggers.

If you are a blogger, you can get a cut of this 209.49 billion dollars.

Here’s my promise to you today; 

if you read this letter to the end, I will reveal to you how you can position yourself to start claiming your share of that 209.49 billion dollars.

And you get paid monthly, not yearly.

I am getting a cut of that money monthly.

My family, friends and students are all getting a cut of that money monthly.

Now, it’s your turn to start getting a cut of that money too…

Here’s a backstory.

If you are reading this, and you don’t yet know who I am, forgive me for not introducing myself earlier.

My Name Is

Remedy Nwankwo

My friends call me the Zaddy of Abuja, and I double as a Professor of Blogging and Digital Skills.

Ten years ago

I used to be a street hawker, selling food and snacks on the streets of Onitsha, Anambra State.

Then, I had a boss I worked for

He would buy the food/snacks and then give to myself and my colleagues to go out and sell.

We get to keep only a small percentage of the sales we make daily.

If you are unfortunate enough not to make any sales on any particular day, you are going to go hungry that day.

He was “kind” enough to provide accommodation for us. Right in the slums of Onitsha.

We were about 12 boys living in a compartment made of wood and zinc.

We didn’t have the luxury of sleeping on beds.

We all slept on the floor carpets. Uncomfortable sandy floor carpets.

I went through that ordeal for so many years to try to raise money for my school fees in the university because my parents were poor and couldn’t afford to pay my way through school.

I saved up enough money after about three years, and I left to go and study Law in the University.

I chose to study Law because of one incident that happened to me while I was still a hawker.

There was an altercation between two people in the market area, and one of them called the Police to intervene.

When the Police came, they arrested everyone on-site, and I was unlucky enough to be there at that moment.

While in the holding cell, I saw how Lawyers came and freed so many of the people I was arrested with.

That very day, I decided that I was going to become a Lawyer because I don’t want to ever be in such situation again, and I also don’t want my friends or family members to.

I am now a Lawyer, and no one has ever intimidated myself, my friends or family members ever since.

I made sure of that.

While in the University studying Law, even with the money I saved up, I still needed more money to survive and pay my fees.

I knew my parents didn’t have the means to help, so I started looking for scholarships.

I searched for scholarships like my life depended on them, and honestly, it did.

I got a handful of them, and when I saw how helpful they were, I became an evangelist of student scholarships.

From spreading the gospel of scholarships in my campus; classroom to classroom, I got the idea to take it a notch higher by using the power of the Internet.

And that was how I started Blogging.
Today, I make as much as $52,800 in a month from Blogging.

When I look at how far I’ve come…

From being a hawker living in the slums of Onitsha, to earning as much as $52k in just 30 days, I can’t help but marvel at the power of blogging.

None of that would have been possible if I didn’t learn how to blog.

I have discovered that most people suffer and struggle to get ahead in life because they have no skills, their skillset is insufficient or they don’t have the right information.

They keep going around in circles for years, without making any tangible improvement.

Blogging changed my life, and it can change yours too.

If you are reading this letter

you are probably in one of these five categories.

Category 1

You are already a successful blogger making at least $1,000 every month.

You are comfortable where you are financially and you don’t think you need any extra knowledge to grow your income as a blogger

If you are in this category, you can close this web page and go do something else.
This letter is not for you.

This brings us to the second category.

Category 2

Category 2

You are not a blogger, but you make at least $1,000 from your current job/business and you’re very comfortable with your current financial situation.

This letter is also not for you. You can stop reading here and carry on with the rest of your day.

Category 2

Category 3

You currently have a job/business but you are not satisfied with your finances.

You want to earn more and improve your life. You know this is possible with the power of the Internet but you don’t know where to start.
If you are in this category, then please keep reading because this letter will show you how to achieve what you seek.

Category 2

Category 4

You don’t have a job/business and you are looking to start something profitable.

Something that doesn’t require huge capital to start and then build it into something worthwhile for yourself.
If this is you, blogging can help you achieve that goal.
Keep reading this letter.

Then, finally.

Category 2

Category 5

You are already a blogger, or you have tried blogging in the past, but you haven’t seen much success.

You have given up on blogging, or you are almost about to give up because you haven’t seen the results you are looking for.

If this is you, please, don’t give up yet.
There is a way out. A better way.
This letter will show you how to get started.

If this is you, please, don’t give up yet.

There is a way out. A better way. This letter will show you how to get started.

If you are in categories 3 and 4,

the biggest problem you are facing is knowing what exactly to get into to achieve those goals you have set for yourself.

Everywhere you look, someone is talking about a new opportunity, and promising you heaven and earth.
Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, Ecommerce, Facebook Ads, etc.

There’s just so many people talking about so many opportunities everywhere you look.

You don’t know who to believe.

You’re confused.

Now, I’m not saying all those other businesses don’t work

but the reason I prefer blogging over them are:

So, if you are looking for something to start to make good money,

or complement what you already make in your job or business, then blogging is a perfect answer for you.

If you read this letter to the end,

I’ll show you how you can start blogging today, and build your blogging business to a point where you can make as much as $1,000 monthly.

Just stay with me...

If you are in category 5, 

that is, you are already a blogger but you haven’t seen much success, 

your biggest problem is not knowing a good monetization method that you can deploy in your blogging business to make good money.

This letter is going to show you how you can get started on your way to profitability. 

I’m talking $1,000 per month and more.

The way I do blogging, and the way I have taught my family, friends and students, has one single focus.

Making the first dollar in the fastest time possible.

Most people start and spend months and months doing the things that don’t matter. 

Things that don’t move the money needle.

And then come later to complain that blogging doesn’t work because they haven’t made any money yet.

If this is you, you don’t need to blame yourself.

It’s not your fault.

There are not enough training resources available to show people how to blog properly.

And the few people who actually know how to don’t want to teach others because they don’t want competition.

But that’s a myopic point of view.

Google made $209.49 billion in 2021.
That’s more than enough for everybody.

Why should anybody be worried about competition when the sky is big enough for everyone to fly in?

The way I do blogging and the way I teach people follows
two fundamental principles.

Spy on people doing well in your niche and model what they did.​

Focus on the money-generating tasks and forget about other tasks that will only waste your time.​

But the questions are,

After being asked about these things multiple times by friends and family, I decided to set aside time and put together everything I know about this special way of blogging.

By the time I was done, it became a very comprehensive video course.

The Fundamentals of Niche Blogging

How to start and grow a profitable niche blog banking $1,000 monthly
In this course, I reveal all that I have learnt over the years from so much trial and error, loss of money and frustration.

Now, with all I’ve learnt and perfected over the years

I comfortably make as much as $52,800 in a month.

But it wasn’t always like this.

I used to be like you.

A total beginner with no idea of what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

I struggled for years to make my first dollar from blogging.

I was focusing on the wrong tasks.
The time-wasting tasks that don’t generate money.

And I struggled for years because of this.

I spent so much time browsing the internet for free articles and watching YouTube videos so I could learn how to blog better and make money.

It took me so many years of struggle, hardship and failure before I discovered a way to make blogging work out for me.

It took me so many years of struggle, hardship and failure before I discovered a way to make blogging work out for me.

And that is exactly what I want to reveal to you today.

I want to show you how you can start out on this journey and get to the point where you are banking at least $1,000 per month.

If you have already started, but not seeing much results, I want to show you what to do to change things.

I will reveal everything to you in the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging.

One thing I love about the Blogging process I have developed and currently use is its simplicity.

Anyone who knows how to use the Facebook and WhatsApp and also knows how to use Google can use my method.

It all consists of very simple and clear activities that you have to do daily and weekly.

You don’t need to be good at Maths to do this.

You don’t need to have a University degree to use my method.

It doesn’t require any special skill or ability.

Once you can read, write and listen, then you can use the knowledge from the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging course to start and grow a blog to a consistent $1,000 per month income.

Although, I have to be clear here.

The Blogging method I’ve developed over the years and documented in the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging is simple and straightforward to use.

Anybody can do it.

However, this is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme.

You will not get rich overnight doing this, but if you follow instructions and put in the work required, you will start seeing really good results in 24 to 48 weeks, or even less.

Or you follow another pathway that can see you cashing out every 8 weeks or less.

I will show you all these processes in the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging Course.

Add Your Heading Text Here

In six to twelve months from now, you have a blog that fetches you as much as $1,000 every single month.

Google pays you on the 21st of every month.

The money gets to your local bank account 2 to 3 days later.
Imagine yourself going to the bank to withdraw that $1,000 cash.

Money you can use for anything!

Just anything you want. The money is all yours.

Just imagine that.

Will this change your life?

Will it make life better and easier for you?

Will it make you happier than you are currently?

At $1,000 per month, you can comfortably leave your current job if it’s not giving you satisfaction. 

Life is too short to work a job that sucks the joy out of your body.

An extra $1,000 per month will give you enough money to invest in your current business to grow and expand it further.

If you are thinking this isn’t real. That this is impossible. You need to stop.

This is my story.

This is something I have done.

I started from earning $100 a month, to $500 a month, to $1,000 and now I earn as much as $52,800 a month.

This didn’t happen to only me.

It has also happened to so many others who have taken the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging Course.

If we can do this, you too can.

I didn’t have a rich uncle. Heck, I am now the one my cousins, nephews and nieces call “A Rich Uncle.”

They are always calling and asking for favours.

When I started blogging, I was still in school, so you wouldn’t say my University Degree helped me.

I even had to borrow my friend’s laptop to start. When the laptop is not available, I go to the Cyber Café close to me and pay to use their computers.

So you can’t say I had startup capital. I didn’t.

I was just determined to make blogging work for me so I can comfortably take care of my feeding, pay my rent, pay my school fees and also take care of my poor parents and my younger siblings.

That was my driving force and it helped me stay focused.

For you also, you don’t need a rich uncle to make it as a Blogger.

You don’t need a University Degree to succeed as a Blogger.

You don’t need a huge startup capital.

All you need is a strong driving force, and the hunger to succeed.

If you have that, and you can follow instructions and also put in the work, you will succeed as a Blogger.


Here is exactly what you will get when you enroll for the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging today

Module 1


So you’ll get a basic understanding of what blogging is all about and how to get your foundations right.
So you don’t ever get confused when certain terms are used in blogging

Module 2

Blog Management/Access

So you don’t ever get confused on how to log into the admin dashboard of your blog and also how to manage it properly.

Module 3

Niches, Types and How to Choose One

Here, you will learn all about niches. What they are, the different types available and how to choose the most profitable niches for your blog.

Module 4

Content and On-Page SEO

Here, you will learn all the terms connected to SEO so you don’t ever get confused when SEO is talked about
Here, you will understand the basics and fundamentals of technical SEO.
It’s important that your blog readers/users enjoy their time on your blog and also wish to return. This will help you make more money in your blogging journey. This lesson will teach you how to do that.
In this lesson, you will learn all about WebMaster Cookies and Search Console Optimization. These are two things that if you miss can limit the success of your blog.
What core features and factors do you need to look out for on your website/blog? This lesson will teach you that.
How do you set up, design and arrange your site so that Google will love it and show it to people searching for things online thereby making you more money? This lesson will teach you that.
What’s the best way to arrange the write-ups on your blog so it can be easily accessed by your readers? This lesson will show you.
What are keywords and what is the importance of researching about them? This lesson will help you find out.
In this lesson, you will discover the tools you need for effective keyword research that will help you write blog articles that will be shown to a lot of people.
How do you know the right keywords to use to increase the visibility of your article on Google? That’s what you will learn in this lesson.
What are the different categories that keywords fall under and how can you better arrange them to give your articles a higher visibility on Google? This lesson will reveal it all to you.

Module 5


What are backlinks and how can it help your blog to grow faster and make more money? You’ll find out in this lesson.
How do you build backlinks to grow your blog and your earnings fast? You’ll find out in this module.

Module 6


What is Traffic Banking and how can you use Traffic Banking to make sure your audience makes you money multiple times instead of once? That’s what you will learn in this module.

Module 7


In 2021, Google generated $209.49 billion in Advertising Revenue. This lesson will show you how to start getting your cut of that money; as much as $1,000 every month.

Module 8


So, now you have gone through the entire course. We are going to conclude everything in this lesson.

So, I have been talking a lot about this course, and I feel it is important for me to point out that I’m not just a faceless marketer on the internet trying to sell you a course on blogging.
No, I’m much more than that.

As I said earlier, my name is Remedy Nwankwo.

I am a millionaire Blogger, who has raised so many other Millionaire Bloggers. I teach Profitable Blogging.

I am Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

I read Law at Ebonyi State University, Nigeria and attended Law School at Nigerian School Law, Abuja Campus.

I am also an Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators, Nigeria.

I founded Skillar Academy, an EdTech Startup.
And finally, I am popularly known as the Zaddy of Abuja.

You can follow me on my Facebook handle; Remedy Nwankwo, where I share my life story and business lessons to the amazing 41,000 people who follow me.

So far, I’ve talked a lot about my successes as a Blogger, but I don’t want you to just take my words for it.

I want you to see some of the results my students have been able to achieve

If you like these results and want to become my next success story, then I invite you to join the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging Course today

It is a self-paced course with on-demand video lessons that allows you learn when and where you want to, no matter the work you do, or the school you attend.

But that’s not all;

If you enroll for the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging today, you will also get these bonuses

Bonus 1

Facebook Ads Made Easy

Discover how to set up simple and effective Facebook Ads that will bring in steady sales for your business.

You will learn:

a. How Facebook Advertising works.

b. How to grow your Facebook Page very fast with the power of Facebook Ads.

c. How to attract customers in a steady and predictable way to your WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram account using simple Facebook Ads.

d. How to target the different types of people that are ready to buy your products/services today.

If you enroll for the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging today, you will get this course absolutely for FREE.

Bonus 2

Smartphone Magic Designs

Learn how to make money creating eye-catching graphics for businesses and professionals using your mobile phone.

This bonus course will teach you how you can make Logos, Event Flyers, Banners, Business Cards, Ebook Covers, Product Mockups and lots more.

You will also learn how and where to get clients for your skill and earn money.

You will get this for FREE today if you enroll for the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging.

Bonus 3

Pathway to 7 Figures as a Blogger

In this short course, I will reveal to you a simple and straightforward pathway you can follow to go from earning just $1,000 as the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging will teach you to earning as much as $5,000 or even $10,000 every month.

The same method I use to earn as much as $52,800 in a month.

I will also show you an alternative way of making money as a Blogger without waiting on Google AdSense.

You will also get this for FREE today if you enroll for the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging


All you need to do is enroll for the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging.

The Fundamentals of Niche Blogging will show you all you need to start and grow a blog from zero to as much as $1,000 per month.

The Facebook Ads Made Easy will teach you how to set up ads that will bring customers for your business or you offer the service to a business owner and make money in return.

The Smartphone Magic Designs will teach you how to design top-notch graphics using just your phone. You can learn this just to apply it in your business or you can offer the service to other businesses and make good money in return.

With these three course, I am giving you all the knowledge you need,
Not only to succeed as a Blogger,
But to also grow your business if you have one
Or start a side hustle that can pay you handsomely every month

Join over 1,874 students who have already enrolled for the Fundamentals of Niche Blogging

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