Niche Blogging Fundamentals

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4.73(26 Ratings)

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Become A Highly Paid Blogger That Earns At Least $1,000 Per Month


Blogging has changed my life.
It’s a wonderful digital skill to have in a time like this.

From a broke Nobody to having financial freedom that allows me work and earn thousands of dollars from anywhere I am in the world.

What I will learn?

  • How To Start A Niche Blog
  • Content Marketing And Strategies.
  • Traffic Generation And Control
  • Traffic Banking Secrets
  • My Never Failing Keyword Research Method
  • Safe Backlinking Strategies
  • Google Adsense Monetization - What You Must Know
  • How To Apply For Google Adsense Increase Your Chances Of Approval
  • How To Choose The Currency To Earn: Dollars, Pounds, Euros, AUSD Etc.
  • The Nitty Gritty Of CPC, CTR And RPM
  • Direct And Alternative Monetization
  • The Spy Strategy For Quick Results
  • And Many More


  • A Computer/smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • The Zeal To Learn

Who's This For?

  • People Looking To Make Passive Income Online With Blogging

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Accessing and managing your blog.

Module 3 – Niches, types and how to choose a Niche.

Module 4 – Contents and on-page SEO.

Module 5 – Backlinks

Module 6 – Traffic Banking

Module 7 – Monetization.

The Conclusion.

4.73(26 Ratings)
Course level:Beginner
Last Updated:August 13, 2022

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4 days ago
It\'s a wow and eye opener
1 week ago
It was awesome
1 week ago
Honestly speaking, I was totally short of words after completely taking this course. It\'s worth more than the price even in an hundred fold. Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity for a very little amount of money Mr. Remedy, and a big \"thank you\" also to the two other experts that took part in making the course a complete one. Kudos 👊🤝
2 weeks ago
This Course is worth more than the fee! Taking this course has really enhanced my affiliate marketing business!
2 weeks ago
I feel so excited about what Sir Remedy put together in this niche blogging course. It\'s my first attempt at blogging, and I\'m getting it right at once. This kindness defies words. It\'s far too good for the cost.
Am now a better blogger because of this course. Planning to enter it fully now.
3 weeks ago
This course is a life changer. I promise to change the world with its implementation
I have been stuck with a blog for 3months now without traffic and or any much activity. This course is an aye opener to me to the world of blogging and I will implement everything Thanks Remedy Nwankwo for Valuable yet affordable opportunity.
4 weeks ago
This is course is worth more than the Value shared. It\'s a great blessing to me, I will implement every value shared in the course. A big thanks to Mr. Remedy and all those who have made this course available.
1 month ago
For the first time I am getting grounded in blogging.. I used to believe it takes someone with a university degree to do it, after I got my degree I still could not do jack about blogging... Today I am better equipped to take on the world... In 180days I will share another testimony.
1 month ago
This was a good course, especially all the parts Remedy taught. However the SEO part was poorly presented. The audio was so low and the presenter sounded so bored. That part should also have been broken into shorter durations.
1 month ago
I learnt so much form this course. Thank you.
1 month ago
The course is actually loaded with great value. only that some of the videos are not very clear in some sessions
This course is an eye opener
Destiny Eziwhou
1 month ago
Amazing coach!
1 month ago
This course is good for beginners teach\'s you the important things you need to start making money with blogging from Keyword research, Backlinks to Adsense monitization. Is a good one.
1 month ago
Wow! This is the best blogging course so far. I\'m happy to be part of this, thanks to all the coaches.
1 month ago
One of the best blogging courses on the internet for beginners.
1 month ago
The course is exceptionally mind-blowing and informative. I can recommend it any, day, any time.
2 months ago
Thanks for bringing this knowledge here Sir I have been looking for this opportunity for years thanks The right Man
4.73(26 Ratings)
Course level:Beginner
Last Updated:August 13, 2022