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You will get 60% on all sales you generate. Not 20%. Not 50%, but a whopping 60%. Paid every single week.
If someone visits the site through your Affiliate link, and buys 365 days later, you still get paid your commission.
Asides the commissions you will earn, you will get the opportunity to win amazing prizes in our periodic contests. Huge cash prizes, high-end tech gadgets, and international vacations.
You get to belong to a community of people who are on the same mission as you are. Constant support, encouragement and accountability. This is one of the secrets to success in life.
If you join the Skillar Affiliate Program, you get to enjoy access to myself and other top-level guardians and coaches, all dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
If there is any update concerning the platform, you will get to know long before others.

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